Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate have a wide range, can be broadly divided into high manganese steel, medium and low alloy wear-resistant steel, chromium molybdenum silicon manganese steel, cavitation resistant steel, wear resistant steel and special wear-resistant steel. Some common alloy steels such as stainless steel, bearing steels, alloy tool steels, and alloy structural steels are also used as wear-resistant steels under certain conditions. Because of their convenient source and excellent performance, they also occupy the use of wear-resistant steels. A certain percentage.
Wear-resistant steel is widely used in mining machinery, coal mining and transportation, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, building materials, electrical machinery, railway transportation and other departments. For example, the balls of a ball mill,
Liners, excavator bucket teeth, buckets, rolling mill walls, tooth plates, hammerheads for various crushers, crawler plates for tractors and tanks, blow plate for fan mills, railway frogs, coal mine scraper conveyors Used middle slotted board, slotted gang, ring chain, bulldozer blades, shovel teeth, large electric wheelbowl linings, oil and open-air iron ore punch bits, etc.

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