About Glory Steel Work

Glory Steel Work has own cold drawn steel and hot rolled steel processing factory and steel trading deparment. It incorporates steel raw material supply and steel products pr

cold drawn steel

cold drawn square steel bar

ocessing with high value-added and high quality. Glory Steel dedicated to providing its customers with the best steel solution, quickest quotes, most competitive prices. Fastest possible deliveries and excellent after-sale service according to ASTM, AISI, JIS, DIN and other industry standard specifications .

Glory Steel could offer stainless steel, special steel, steel plate and steel pipeCold drawn steel is our advantage products.

Stainless steel material is the most widely used in our daily life . As it has very good corrosion resistance. Stainless steel can be applied to automotive industry, kitchen equipment, electrical appliances, construction, chemical equipment, transportation equipment and other industries. Glory Steel’s main stainless steel products include 200 series, 300 series and 400 series, like 201, 304, 316, and 410 stainless steel sheet and stainless steel pipe. Glory Steel has long term cooperation with TISCO, LISCO, ZPSS and Bao Steel, which are the top biggest and best-quality stainless steel factories to guarantee the high quality and competitive price for every customer.

Special steel is the base material for industry development. Glory Steel could supply special steel raw materials including steel round bar, steel square bar, steel flat bar with hot rolled process. we also can manufacture cold drawn steel . They are mainly used for auto, oil, chemical industry, coal, machinery, and rail transportation, etc. In addition, Glory Steel could also supply forged steel material. Like alloy steel and tool die steel bar, steel blocks and steel discs.

Glory Steel provide customers steel plates with various special applications, including abrasion resistant steel plates, auto structure steel plates, pipeline oil tank steel plates, pressure vessel and boiler steel plates, shipbuilding steel plates, and weather resistance steel plates, etc. with different thickness, width and length.

Glory Steel supply steel pipes with different applications, and they can be used for thermal equipment, machinery industry, oil and geological drilling, chemical industry, etc.

Besides raw material supply. Glory Steel dedicates to finding out the best solution according to every customers’ detailed requirements. Based on this idea, We would like to provide steel deep processing to try to satisfy every customer’s special demand.

Fin tube is one of Glory Steel’s main products. Fin tube is a heat exchange element. it is used to improve the heat transfer efficiency and widely used in electric power, metallurgy, waste heat recovery in cement industry and petrochemical industry. Glory Steel supply different fin tube types, like square fin tube, round fin tube, spiral fin tube, etc.

Glory Steel has rich experience in providing steel stepped shafts with machining process according to customer’s drawings. The steel stepped shafts offered by Glory Steel has the least tolerance.

Nowadays, more and more people focus more attention in health. Based on raw material supply advantages, Glory Steel begins to supply weight stacks for fitness equipment manufacturers at home and abroad.

Glory Steel is developing closer customer relationships and taking on a larger role in the total supply and manufacturing chain. We are trying to help every customer to solve various problems in steel industry. If you need any question about steel products, please feel free to contact us. We’d like to offer a comprehensive solution plan for you.