Project Description

screw type Fin tube

screw-type Fin tube are formed from a bimetallic tube consisting of a base tube and an aluminum muff tube.  The fins are formed on a cold rolling process from the wall thickness of aluminum muff tube.  Extruded fin gives very good corrosion protection  to the base tube. As the base tube is not visible to the atmosphere in between the fins.

Glorysteelwork specialized in offering screw-type Fin tube for Condenser Application.  Other fin tube for air conditioning, Air cooling, Boilers, waterwalls, economizers, industrial waste heat recovery.

screw type Fin tube Application:

Radiator, boiler economizer, power plant waste heat boiler, petrochemical engineering

Type of Base tubes: seamless or welded

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel or other material,like copper and             aluminum,single metal or composite metal

    Base  pipe outer diameter: 25 -165mm

    Base  pipe length:‹12m

    Fins Spacing: 4-30mm

    Fins Height:   5-30mm

    Fin thickness: 0.4-3.0mm