A120 rail

A120 Rail is one of the models under the DIN536 Crane Rail Standard. Its specific size and weight specifications can refer to Table 1. The track head width of 120mm is an important parameter for crane wheel matching.

Glorysteelwork is an important supplier of the A120 rail in China. A120 rail is a heavy-duty crane rail. The A120 rail is commonly used in port crane projects. Glorysteelwork provides A120 rail material and related accessories for a large number of port constructions. The A120 rail track is prolific in Europe and China. A120 rails produced in China generally use U71Mn steel grades. Due to the constant demand for port machinery and heavy lifting equipment construction, Glorysteelwork has a standing stock of A120 rails in China. The length is 12 meters, which can be cut according to the needs of customers.

The A120 Rail material provided by Glorysteelwork is U71Mn. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of U71Mn material refer to Table 2.

U71Mn is a kind of hot-rolled rail for railways. It is a medium-manganese low-alloy steel rail. It has wear resistance, pressure resistance, and fatigue resistance, which is more than double the service life of carbon steel rails, and has good welding performance. , suitable for laying large-radius curved rails, or welding long rails to lay seamless lines, and can also be made into full-length quenched rails. The tensile strength is above 880MPa, and the elongation after fracture is 9%.

Table 1

DIN536 crane rail
Type of Rail Standard Dimensions mm Steel Grade Mass M
A F C t kg/m
A120 DIN 536 P1:1991 105,00 220,00 120,00 72,00 U71Mn 100,00

Table 2

U71Mn Mechanical Property Chemical Composition
Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation Hardness C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Cu
MPa kg/mm² MPa kg/mm² min HB
≥880 9% 0.65 – 0.76 0.15 – 0.35 1.10 – 1.40 0.030 0.030 0.25 0.25 0.25


Glorysteelwork is a professional steel supplier from China. We have been engaged in steel processing and supply for more than 20 years. GloryRail is affiliated with Glorysteelwork. Focus on in-depth research on rail systems. In the field of rail systems, we have rich supply experience and technical accumulation. A120 is one of the rail models under the DIN536 standard. Its application range is very broad. It is suitable for heavy cranes and port machinery fields. Glorysteelwork has supplied A120 rails for various port crane projects. Due to the large usage of A120, we will also stock A120rail regularly. Ensure the shortest delivery time and shorten the customer’s international procurement cycle. At the same time, it is aimed at some series of cutting and beveling processing of the A120 rail track. A120 crane rails installation required rubber pads, rail clips, and other accessories. Glorysteelwork provides one-stop professional services. The rail accessories provided ensure high quality and more advantageous cost control.

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