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NM400 abrasion resistant steel plates

NM400 abrasion resistant steel plates

Abrasion Resistanct Steel(Wear-resistant steel )is a special steel . It began in the second half of the nineteenth century. Due to its strong work-hardening ability under the condition of large impact abrasive wear.  good ductility and plasticity as well as the advantages of easy to master the production process. High Manganses steel is still the largest amount of wear-resistant steel . especially in mines and other departments .

In recent decades.  the development and application of low and medium alloyed wear resistant steels have developed rapidly. Due to their good wear resistance and toughness. These steels have simpler production processes. reasonable overall economy and are applicable under many operating conditions. By the user’s welcome. In order to meet the needs of mining machinery and construction machinery development, the developed high hardness wear-resistant steel plate, the 20th century. 70-80 years in the international community has formed a series and standardization. This type of steel is developed on the basis of low-alloy high-strength weldable steel. They are generally quenched and tempered directly after rolling or strengthened by controlled rolling and controlled cooling to save energy. and the content of alloying elements is low , The price is cheaper, but the high hardness, wear resistance, process performance is acceptable, because of these advantages Abrasion Resistanct Steel plate is very popular with users. Some steel companies in Japan. Britain.  the United States and other countries produce these types of wear-resistant steels. Now there are many chinese mills can produce this kind steel with good performance like NM400 NM450 NM500.

NM400 abrasion resistant steel plates application:

Wear-resistant steel is widely used in mining machinery. coal mining, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, building materials, electrical machinery, rail transport and other departments. For example. ball mill ball, Liner, bucket wheel for excavator, bucket, crushing wall for various breakers, tooth plate, hammerhead. track shoe for tractor and tank, strike plate for fan mill, rail frog, coal scraper conveyor Used in the middle of the slot plate, slot help, ring chain, bulldozers with shovels, shovel teeth. large electric wheel bucket liner. oil and open-pit iron piercing cone bit and so on.