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Cold drawn steel bar

As a quality steel materials supplier , Glorysteelwork has own processing factory specialized in cold drawn steel and helical piles.

What is cold drawn steel?
Cold drawn steel is that stretching the steel bar by a tensile stress that exceeds the strength of the original steel yield point under normal temperature conditions so that the steel bars produce plastic deformation to achieve the purpose of increasing the yield strength of the steel bar and saving the steel.
Cold drawn steel is the use of cold extrusion technology, through the accurate mold, pull out all kinds of high precision, smooth surfaced round steel bar, square steel bar, flat steel bar, hexagonal steel bar and other special-shaped steel.
The application of cold drawn steel:
Machinery and equipment: woodworking machinery, ceramic machinery, papermaking machinery, glass machinery, food machinery, construction machinery, plastic machinery, textile machinery, jacks, hydraulic presses, etc.;
Electrical product parts: motor shaft, fan shaft, sewing machine shaft, etc.
Furniture: especially export metal furniture, such as coffee table, chairs, outdoor furniture;
Metal appliances: garden tools, grill grids, screws, anti-theft locks, etc.;
Hardware parts: such as rails, machine keys, nuts, screws, round nails, hexagonal nails, octagonal nails and various standard parts and other specifications; automotive, motorcycle parts and so on.