Glorysteelwork is system-level steel, metal material, and equipment supplier. It is engaged in steel trading, processing, and production for more than 20 years. Glorysteelwork started from the production and sales of hot-rolled and cold-drawn profiles. Currently, its business covers six major sectors: raw materials, fasteners, forging, steel structures, rails, and equipment. At present, the company has a spot warehouse and a production plant in Hebei, a steel structure processing center and a hot-rolled profile production line in Shandong, and a sales and customer service center in Zhengzhou, Henan. Glorysteelwork’s goal is to provide raw material equipment packaging supply solutions for the global industrial system, reduce supply costs and improve circulation efficiency. In the fields of fasteners, rail systems, and lubrication systems, we have our own technical team, which can provide customers with additional services such as solution advice, installation guidance, and technical support. The raw materials of our entire supply system have strict quality control to ensure that the products have higher quality than the market. Through a scientific and efficient management system, supply costs are reduced, and customer operating costs are reduced throughout the entire supply process.



steel processing supplier

Raw Materials

Glorysteelwork has a relatively complete steel supply chain system in China. Products cover plates, bars, profiles, rails, and special steels. Glorysteelwork maintains close cooperative relations with major well-known steel mills in China. Has a wider range of high-quality steel raw material supply channels. There are multiple inventory processing bases in China to ensure that the goods can be delivered on time and as required. At the same time, many years of export experience ensure that our export process is scientific, standardized, and efficient. Reduce procurement costs for foreign customers.

fastener supplier


Glorysteelwork’s fastener supply is based on steel construction works. Products cover high-strength bolts, anchor bolts, track accessories bolts, and chemical anchor bolts. Glorysteelwork has a fastener processing warehouse in Handan, Hebei, China. Quality control from raw materials to ensure that all fasteners meet the national quality labeling requirements. At present, the fasteners supplied by Glorysteelwork are applied to large-scale projects in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, and other countries. And have been praised by customers.

stamp forgings supplier


Glorysteelwork has its own forging production plant. It can produce automobile forgings, railway forgings, coal machine forgings, ring forgings, transmission forgings and various steel castings and machined parts. It has comprehensive capabilities in process development, mold design and manufacturing, and product scale production. The company adopts the production method of combining forging and machining, and has complete processing equipment and processing centers. We can manufacture products according to domestic and foreign standards, and undertake diversified processing of drawings and samples.

steel structure supplier

Steel Structure

In Shandong Glorysteelwork Steel Structure Machining Center, we have laser cutting, automatic welding, shot blasting and sandblasting hot-dip galvanizing, and electrostatic spraying production lines. From the design and production of steel structures to the processing of customized structural parts, high efficiency and high quality are our goals. At present, it covers many fields such as traffic setting, crane systems, plant construction, and so on. At the same time, the steel structure machining center can carry out customized processing of rail products. Provide H-beam rails for automated storage construction, and rail anti-corrosion treatment for special environments.

Rail supplier

Steel Rail

As an important branch of Glorysteelwork, Gloryrail has been deeply involved in the rail system for more than 15 years. Gloryrail has become an important force in China’s rail industry from its initial production of square and flat steel for hoisting rails. In-depth cooperation with six rail production factories in China to provide light rail, heavy rail, lifting rail, and multiple national standard rails. GloryRail provides high-quality accessories and technical support for the installation of rails. At present, it maintains long-term cooperative relations with many engineering companies in the world, providing rail systems required for ports, factory cranes, and three-dimensional storage.



Glorylub is a company specializing in the research, development, and sales of lubrication equipment. It is one of the incubators of Glorysteelwork. Our goal is to provide the world’s leading lubrication equipment solutions for wind power equipment, port equipment, construction machinery, as well as commercial vehicles, and large mechanical equipment, to meet customers’ needs for equipment lubrication and scientific management. Glorylub offers from controllers, distributors, joints, and lubrication pumps to single-line multi-line lubrication systems in different fields. Provide domestic and foreign customers with a competitive overall solution for equipment centralized lubrication system.

Create a metal processing center that belongs to customers

Made in China, products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world
Participate in the supply of construction materials for multiple large-scale international projects
Product quality and customer service are well received


Explore Glorysteelwork, and establish long-term cooperation

In each of Glorysteelwork’s focus areas, we build industry brands. These sub-brands represent our quality. It also represents Glorysteelwork’s understanding and respect for basic industrial supplies. GloryRail has developed into a well-known rail system supplier in China, selling more than 3w tons of rail materials and rail accessories every year. Products are sold all over the world. Glorytubetech specializes in the field of heat dissipation and provides high-quality finned tubes. Glorylub cooperates with top experts in lubrication systems in China to provide automatic lubrication systems for industrial systems. We aim to reduce costs and improve efficiency for you.