As an important metal material, steel plate is widely used in various commercial fields, including gas machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, shipyards, the construction industry, and so on. We provide the required steel plate materials for customers in various industries. Provide carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, wear-resistant plate, spring steel plate, and other varieties.

Glorysteelwork has rich experience in global trade and provides reliable logistics and transportation services to ensure that steel plates can be delivered to all parts of the world on time.



Glorysteelwork factory

Glorysteelwork is a professional steel supplier. It is one of the important suppliers supporting the manufacturing and construction industries in China.

Our range of services is extensive and we can supply a wide variety of steel products. Steel plate is one of our main stock sale products. Currently building spot warehouses in Anyang, Handan, Tianjin, and Shanghai. It has steel coil flattening, medium plate cutting, special-shaped custom processing, and other services.

Glorysteework has a strong supply chain management system. The materials are supplied by BAOSTEEL, HBIS, ANSTEEL, and many other well-known Chinese steel enterprises. All steel plates Quality testing and certification will be carried out to ensure that the products meet industry standards and customer requirements. Glorysteelwork has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality, standard-compliant steel products.

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Gloysteelwork has a large steel plate warehouse, providing various types and specifications of steel plate products, carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, wear-resistant steel plate, alloy steel plate, etc. The warehouse is equipped with a machining center that provides precision cutting and machining services to meet customers’ specific size and shape requirements. The product specifications cover a wide range and can meet the delivery requirements in a short time.
By cooperating with Glorysteelwork, customers can get high-quality, reliable, and economical steel plate products.


wear resisting plate

Wear-resistant Steel Plate

The wear-resistant plate is a high-strength, high-hardness, wear-resistant steel plate product, which is mainly used in applications that require wear and impact resistance in the industrial field. Widely used in mining, cement, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, petrochemical, and other fields, wear-resistant plates are usually mixed with high-strength steel plates and other alloying elements, making them have excellent wear and impact resistance to meet the requirements of industrial production Require.

alloy steel plates

Alloy steel plates

Alloy steel plate refers to the steel plate made by adding some metal elements (such as chromium, molybdenum, nickel, etc.) and other special alloying elements (such as vanadium, titanium, manganese, etc.) to ordinary steel to improve its corrosion resistance, strength, and toughness. , heat resistance, and other special properties. Alloy steel plates are widely used, mainly in the aerospace, petrochemical, marine engineering, nuclear industry, metallurgy, and other fields. Glorysteelwork provides alloy steel plates with various specifications and materials and can be further processed to meet the specific requirements of customers.

carbon steel plates

Carbon steel plates

Carbon steel plate refers to steel plate mainly composed of carbon and iron. It is a common metal material and is widely used in construction, shipbuilding, bridges, light industry, machinery manufacturing, and other fields. Carbon steel plates can be divided into low-carbon steel plates, medium-carbon steel plates, and high-carbon steel plates according to the carbon content. The carbon steel plate has high hardness, high strength, and good toughness, and is suitable for various mechanical processing and cold processing; it is easy to weld and cut and has good processing performance and plasticity.