Project Description

Square Bar Shaft Helical Piles

  • Bar Material: ASTM 5140 or ASTM 1045  steel, round corner 5mm radius.
  • Helix Plate material conforms to ASTM  A516 Gr50 hot rolled plate.
  • helices thickness are available in 3/8” and 1/2” inch.
  • All helix leading edges sharpened and rock cut and 45 degrees.
  • Corrosion protection to conform to ASTM A153 standard for hot dipped zinc coating.
  • A better conventional solid steel extra high strength helical screw pile.
  • Welded coupling for greater strength. Eliminates shaft heat damage caused by upset coupling process.

Square Bar Shaft Helical Piles Application:

Civil Construction , Solar Farms, Lighting Foundations, Mooring Systems.

Size Lead Length (ft) Helix Size (inch) Extension Length(ft)
1-1/2″ 3ft/5ft/7ft 8/10/12/14 3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft
1-3/4″ 3ft/5ft/7ft 8/10/12/14 3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft
2″ 3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft 8/10/12/15 3ft/5ft/7ft/10ft