What is cold drawn round steel bar?

//What is cold drawn round steel bar?

What is cold drawn round steel bar?

Cold drawn round steel bar is a type of cold drawn steel. The surface of cold drawn round steel is very smooth. And its mechanical properties are high. Due to the high dimensional accuracy. It can be used directly without processing.

Cold drawn round steel product advantages:

Diversity of specifications and shapes By designing different shapes of molds. Cold drawn steel with different cross-sectional shapes and different specifications and tolerances are produced. The angle can be designed at right angles or rounded corners. High precision uses high-quality hard alloy molds, and is equipped with professional maintenance molds to ensure accurate and consistent tolerances. Smooth surface The advanced cold extrusion process makes the surface of cold drawn steel smooth and bright. A lot of material saving The cold drawing process is to cold-extrude the raw materials to the required shape, specifications and tolerances. For example, using traditional lathe machining and cutting processes. The material saving through cold-drawn steel is very significant. Especially when the amount of material is large. The cost savings are even more significant.

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