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Project Description

XAR500 Abrasion steel plate

XAR500 Abrasion steel plate is a high wear-resistant high-end varieties, with good cutting, bending, welding performance.

Glorysteelwork specialized in supplying XAR500, NM400, NM450, NM500 etc.

XAR500 Abrasion steel plate

XAR500 Wear-resistant steel (Abrasion Resistance Steel ) is widely used in engineering. mining. construction and agriculture machinery products , Which is under extremely harsh working conditions with the requirement of high strength and high wear resistance. Such as bulldozers, loaders, excavators, dump trucks and various mining machinery, etc. This kind of product has been mated for well-known domestic engineering machinery factories in mass as an ideal substitute of expensive imported wear-resistant plates.

Chemical Composition(%)
C :≦0.22
Mn: ≦1.50
P : ≦0.025
S: ≦0.012
Cu : ≦0.30
Cr : ≦1.30
Mo : ≦0.50
B : ≦0.005
HBW: 410~490