SS400 MS square bar is in the applicaiton of bridge crane Lightweight technology

Lightweight bridge technology. The new lightweight crane bridge generally adopts a four-beam structure. The main beam adopts a narrow flange full-offset welded box beam structure. And small wheels pressure is directly transmitted to the welding seam of the upper cover plate and the main web through the track.

Compared with the traditional half-deflection form. Adopt full-deflection box beam. Because the main and auxiliary webs have different stresses. The thickness of the auxiliary web can be smaller than that of the main web, and many semi-deflection box beams can be eliminated. Small partition. With this structure, the welding deformation and wave deformation of the cover plate on the main beam can be significantly improved, and the welding deflection deformation amount is small. Large-tonnage off-track box beams are wide beams, for which the walking platform can be omitted, thereby further simplifying the manufacturing process and further reducing the overall quality. Unlike traditional cranes that use a pressure plate to fix the crane rail,

Light crane trolley track is welded directly on the main beam with SS400 Ms square bar (or Ms flat steel). Which can make the track and box beam form an overall structure. It jointly bear the load. And improve the strength and rigidity of the main beam. And greatly reduce the main beam. Height and main beam quality.