Crane rail track type

//Crane rail track type

Crane rail track type

Crane running track includes crane rail, railway steel rail and square steel bar. The top of the rail is convex. And the bottom is a flat plate with a certain width. Which increases the contact surface with the foundation. The cross section of the rail is mostly I-shaped and has good bending strength. Square steel can be regarded as a flat-topped steel rail. Due to the large wear on the wheels. It is generally only used for cranes with small lifting weight, slow running speed, and infrequent work.

The crane rails are usually made of steel with high carbon content and manganese (C = 015% ~ 018%, Mn = 016% ~ 115%).

The typical material of the crane track is U71Mn steel.

Square steel is mainly made of a square steel bar or flat steel bar of Q235/SS400/A36.

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